Heartsaver® CPR AED Student Workbook eBook
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Heartsaver<sup>®</sup> CPR AED Student Workbook eBook

Heartsaver® CPR AED Student Workbook eBook

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Book Description

The Heartsaver CPR AED Student eBook contains all the information students need to know to successfully complete the Heartsaver CPR AED course.  The workbook includes information on Adult and Child CPR AED Use and Infant CPR, Helping with an Opiod-Associated Life Threatening Emergency and Adult, Child and Infant Choking.

The Heartsaver CPR AED Student Workbook is for use by a single user as a student reference tool before, during, and after the course.

Two separate supplementary tools, the Heartsaver Adult CPR AED Reminder eCard and the Child & Infant CPR AED Reminder eCard, are included with the purchase of the Heartsaver CPR AED Student eBook.