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PALS Digital Reference Card

PALS Digital Reference Card

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Book Description

The AHA’s PALS Digital Reference Card has been updated to reflect new science in the 2015 AHA Guidelines Update for CPR and ECC. The electronic card is a convenient, quick reference tool for healthcare professionals to use during the PALS Course and in a variety of healthcare settings. 
The PALS Digital Reference Card includes the following information for quick access by healthcare providers:
• Vital Signs in Children
• Definition of Hypotension by Systolic Blood Pressure and Age
• Summary Steps of CPR for Children, and Infants
• Pediatric Septic Shock Algorithm
• Drugs used in PALS
• Pediatric Color-Coded Length-Based Resuscitation Tape
• Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Algorithm
• Doses/Details for the Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Algorithm
• PALS Systematic Approach Algorithm
• Pediatric Bradycardia with a Pulse and Poor Perfusion Algorithm
• Pediatric Tachycardia with a Pulse and Poor Perfusion Algorithm
• PALS Post--resuscitation Care