PALS Digital Reference Card, International English

Format : eBook    |       |    ISBN 13 : JN0507_IVE    |    Published Date : 2016-12-06



cover image of PALS Digital Reference Card, International English


The PALS Digital Pocket Reference Card is automatically included with the purchase of the PALS Provider Manual eBook. It is the electronic equivalent of the printed PALS Pocket Reference Card Set. 
This is a convenient, quick reference tool for healthcare professionals to use during the PALS Course and in a variety of healthcare settings, and includes the following information:
• Vital Signs in Children
• Definition of Hypotension by Systolic Blood Pressure and Age
• Summary Steps of CPR for Children, and Infants
• Pediatric Septic Shock Algorithm
• Drugs used in PALS
• Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Algorithm
• PALS Systematic Approach Algorithm
• Pediatric Bradycardia Algorithm
• Pediatric Tachycardia .Algorithm
• PALS Post--resuscitation Care