CPR & First Aid in Youth Sports™ Streaming Videos

Formato: Video    |    Product Code : KJ-1376    |    ISBN 13 : 978-1-61669-730-3_VDP    |    Published Date : 2020-01-09

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Note: Instructor videos are not available to download for offline use at this time.
The American Heart Association wants youth sports coaches, parents, and athletes to know how to help in an emergency—both on and off the field. The easy-to-use CPR & First Aid in Youth Sports™ Training Kit is designed for youth coaches to ensure they and their community know the lifesaving skills of CPR, how to use an AED, and how to help during sports-related emergencies.
This program is designed to be completely self-facilitated, with no additional training required for the trainer. The portable kit contains everything needed to train 10 to 20 people at once in CPR and sports injury–related first aid in about an hour. With this kit, you will learn the following:
CPR-related topics, including
• Hands-Only CPR and AED for teens and adults
• Adult CPR with breaths
• Choking in adults
• Child CPR and AED
• Choking in children
First aid–related topics, including
• Dehydration
• Heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke
• Overuse injuries
• Bone break
• Concussion
Product specifications:
• The single eBook contains a Facilitator Guide, Lesson Plans, and an optional pretest and posttest.
• Both the pretest and the posttest are optional for facilitators who want to measure the growth of student knowledge.
Streaming video specifications:
• Closed-captioned
• Run time approximately 58 minutes
• English and Spanish
Video modules:
• Hands-Only CPR and AED for Teens and Adults (23 minutes)
• Adult CPR With Breaths (6 minutes)
• Choking in Adults (5 minutes)
• Child CPR and AED (7 minutes)
• Choking in Children (4 minutes)
• First Aid (13 minutes)
Total time: 58 minutes
Intended audience/use:
The CPR & First Aid in Youth Sports eBook with streaming video is for anyone facilitating a CPR & First Aid in Youth Sports program. It is intended for youth sports coaches, parents, and athletes.