IVE Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED Instructor Manual eBook

פורמט : ספר אלקטרוני   |    Product Code : 20-2810    |    ISBN 13 : 978-1-61669-898-0    |    Published Date : 2021-02-25



cover image of IVE Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED Instructor Manual eBook


The IVE Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Instructor Manual eBook includes essential information and Lesson Plans that AHA BLS and Heartsaver Instructors need to teach AHA’s IVE Heartsaver courses, including the instructor-led* and online/blended learning versions of the courses, for both the Heartsaver and  Heartsaver Total course paths.


•   Heartsaver- is a shortened version of the course that focuses on core curriculum to put students on a fast track to refresh their skills. It is designed to be flexible for students who need to review only certain topics to meet course requirements to obtain a course completion card. However, it is not regulatory compliant.

•   Heartsaver Total-is the comprehensive curriculum designed to meet licensing requirements for regulatory agencies.


*In addition to the Heartsaver and Heartsaver Total course paths, Instructors who teach in a classroom setting have the option to offer two new sample paths by the audience, Office and Educator. Instructors have the ability to customize training to fit specific needs of students and their professions. Office and Educator, these course paths are considered sample paths and are not available for online/blended learning.                                                                               

NOTE: In addition to being included in the IVE Heartsaver First Aid, CPR AED Instructor Manual eBook, all Instructor Resources (lesson plans, agendas, etc.) can also be found on CPRverify.org.